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Female Entrepreneurs Are Unleashing Innovation In China

Women entrepreneurs are driving economic growth in Asia. Meet a female SME from China using digital technology to spur her entrepreneurial journey.

4 Innovative Small Businesses Driving Change

Four rising start-ups have proven that you don’t need to be big to drive meaningful change and innovation in the digital and e-commerce space. Discover more about the finalists of the 2022 FedEx Asia Pacific Small Business Grant Contest (SBGC).

Building Sustainably: Creating Greener Infrastructure

We’re continually looking at ways to make our operations more sustainable. Discover how our new facilities across the region are designed to conserve energy and lessen environmental impact for a greener tomorrow.

Top 8 Most Unusual Things We’ve Ever Shipped

From artwork to animals, using our network to ship unusual items is what we do best. We count down some of the strangest shipments we’ve sent around the globe.