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How SMEs Can Capitalize On A Summer Of Sports

By FedEx | July 10, 2024

At FedEx, we’re united by our passion for sports. Discover the stories behind some historic tournaments, teams, and players we’ve supported over the decades.

  • The global sports industry has a major economic impact around the globe, particularly during major tournaments like the Olympics.
  • SMEs across multiple industries can find ways to capitalize on the global sports boom.
  • At FedEx, we sponsor several major tournaments and are proud to share our passion for sports with our customers and team members worldwide.

Are you a soccer, baseball, or tennis fan? Do you cheer on your favorite teams as they compete to be top of the league?

Each year, the summer season heralds a wave of major sporting tournaments, from the Olympics to the soccer World Cup and the Asia Games. At FedEx, we’re proud to have a long history of supporting world-class tournaments and players around the world. Over the years, we’ve been lucky to witness historic sporting moments that have set fans alight.
One of our favorites? Delivering the Super Bowl LVIII trophy to one of the most-watched events in the world. It’s also an opportunity for us to give back to our team members who make what we do possible. This year, the FedEx courier who earned the highest customer delivery ratings in the US won the chance to deliver the game ball – along with his proud dad!

Dive into some of our most exciting sporting moments below, and discover why sports is such big business, boosting economies worldwide.

Summer months see a global sporting boom for fans and hosts

The summer sporting calendar captures the imagination of billions, contributing to a global economic boom. Major sporting events present a lucrative opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to capitalize on a surge in consumer spending from sports fans worldwide.

Revenue from sports encompasses everything from broadcasting rights and sponsorships to ticketing, merchandise sales, and stadium operations. The hospitality, travel and tourism industries also benefit from the legions of traveling fans, teams, coaches, event organizers, and international media.

The sports industry is an economic powerhouse

According to a report by PwC, the global sports market is expected to reach a staggering $770 billion by 2025. This growth is fueled by a rising interest in sports, an uptick in disposable incomes, and the expanding digital landscape that facilitates global sports consumption.
Male golfer bends down to check position of golf ball

Major corporations often dominate sports sponsorships and advertising. However, the summer season offers opportunities for SMEs to tap new revenue. Here are some ways that enterprising small businesses are taking advantage:
Events and live-streaming: Hotels, bars, restaurants, and event spaces can screen sports, hold events, and offer special promotions, social media giveaways or themed menus.

Merchandise: With the right licensing and partnerships, sports merchandise can be a profitable money-spinner. But SMEs need to plan ahead to market and launch products in a tight window and capture the moment effectively. Retailers also have to make sure they forecast inventory as accurately as possible, so they don’t fall short or get stuck with lots of unsellable product when the event is over.

Fringe interests: Smart SMEs can capitalize on the spike in interest in fitness and health that often coincides with major sporting events. Many offer discounts on sports equipment or sportswear, or partner with local gyms or fitness centers to offer joint promotions.

Tech and esports: The rising popularity of esports has also opened doors for SMEs in the tech and gaming industries.

By embracing these strategies, SMEs can transform the summer of sports from a spectator event into a springboard for business growth.
Footballer wearing red shirt with number 7 holds ball in crowded stadium

From fan zones to trophy deliveries, FedEx is connecting people through sport

Football fever with the UEFA Champions League

In Europe, many football fans are familiar with FedEx through our sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League.

As Official Carrier of the UEFA Champions League, we’ve been trusted to deliver the iconic trophy to the final for the past two years. The power of our European network has seen us travel from Stade de France in Paris to the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul.
Last season, we picked up the trophy – and former Real Madrid winner, Claude Makélélé – from the UEFA headquarters in Switzerland, delivering to Wembley Stadium in London ahead of kick-off.

To bring the excitement home to fans during the build-up to the final, we went behind the scenes, sharing ‘Outside the Box’ stories of the teams, players and managers taking part. We also created an ‘UEFA Performance Zone’ for fans with videos and articles on matches. It includes an online league table that ranks players and teams according to performance using a specially-created algorithm.
Delivering the perfect round with the world’s best golf players

Have you heard of the FedExCup? It’s the PGA TOUR’s season-long competition, and excitement quickly builds up with events held across the US, Asia, Canada and Mexico. Players fight for points they can win through competitions in the cup; and players with the highest points can vie for the FedExCup crown at the end of the season.
Standing on the shoulders of giants with the NFL

The NFL fields weekly games from September through December. During that time, we run the FedEx Air and Ground Players of the Week program. Each week, top running back (ground) and quarterback (air) performers are nominated. Fans vote for weekly winners and Players of the Year are awarded during Super Bowl weekend.

Sports offers a promising future for global communities and SMEs

At FedEx, we believe in enriching communities, giving young people access to sports, and helping to inspire the athletes of tomorrow. And sports can impact communities long after the tournament has wrapped, inspiring the next generation to take part and improving community wellbeing and health.

Plus, the new, improved infrastructure that host cities create for big tournaments like the World Cup or Olympics can be used by local athletes or fitness enthusiasts long-term.

One final takeaway for SMEs looking to tap new opportunities during a summer of sports? Consumers today are looking for brands that they can connect with on an emotional level. Show your passion for sports and your support for local teams or athletes. Consider partnering with local sports organizations or charities. Whether you’re a player, spectator or SME: a major sports season is one to make the most of.
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