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The New Wave Of Female Entrepreneurs Succeeding In China

By FedEx | First published: May 24, 2022    Updated: September 21, 2023

Women entrepreneurs are driving economic growth in Asia. Meet a female owned SME from China using digital technology to grow her business to new heights.

The Chinese society and economy has seen rapid change in recent years. And in the last decade, record numbers of women are starting their own businesses. According to Xinhua Net, the proportion of female entrepreneurs in China’s online sector has reached 55%. As e-commerce presents new opportunities, more entrepreneurial opportunities for women are set to emerge.
One successful female entrepreneur is Guo Zhuojun, a FedEx customer who has been leveraging new digital technologiesy, e-commerce and innovation to make her mark.
Chinese woman with short hair and sunglasses stands in front of billboard

Technological innovation can bring value to your business

In 2019, Guo quit her IT job in at a software development company to set up shop in the cross-border e-commerce business. Guo established the women's sports clothing brand, Musesonly, to cater to the growing trend for female sports fashion.
Using digital technology, big data analysis and the power of e-commerce to scale up, Guo now exports her brand to more than 10 countries internationally, including the U.S., Canada and Germany. Annual export volume has reached 350,000 pieces, a remarkable business achievement. To Guo, sports represents the universal spirit of always pushing to achieve better.
Guo believes that advanced IT and digital integration capabilities are the biggest competitive advantages of Musesonly. The business environment is constantly changing, and cross-border e-commerce companies need to continue to innovate and take advantage of emergent technologies where possible. To be successful in cross-border e-commerce, strong connectivity between digital technology and logistics support is essential.
Digitalization has helped Musesonly improve operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing productivity. At the same time, the company relies on experienced logistics partners to gain access to global markets.

Seize the opportunity and respond to the times

Guo believes that at this moment, e-commerce presents both opportunities and challenges. China’s e-commerce merchants have faced down pressures such as COVID-19, business compliance and international relations. However, as the international e-commerce market matures, the Chinese government has implemented several supportive policies. Private venture capitalists have also become involved. As a result, more and more Chinese e-commerce brands are appearing on the international stage.
Website landing page with female fashion models

Guo shared advice for dealing with the opportunities and challenges of cross-border e-commerce:
“Remember to always keep learning. Uncertain circumstances and factors will always exist, so try to accept them. Stick to the original intention of the company and focus on doing business that is helpful to people. If you do that, your company is invincible.”

Focus on the present and practice what you preach

As a female leader, Guo believes that gender differences are less of an issue in today’s workplace because businesses are more results-oriented. If more female leaders emerge and lead by example in the workplace, it will further influence more women entrepreneurs. In China especially, more and more women are breaking the gender barrier and leading the way in industries they love.
When it comes to work-life balance, Guo organizes her work time wisely so she can hang out with friends and family. Musesonly’s brand motto is: “relaxed and be inspired in the moment”. Thanks to e-commerce, Guo can share her love of sports with people across the world as she connects with customers in ever-expanding markets.
In an increasingly digitalized world, it’s more challenging than ever to stand out from fierce competition and keep up with consumer needs. Female entrepreneurs in China are proving their immense value to customers, the economy and community. Empowered by e-commerce and reliable global logistics providers like FedEx, they are now able to do so on the global stage.
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