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How To Turn Sustainable Ideas Into Impactful Products

By FedEx | September 13, 2023

Antoinette started SuperBee as a sustainable solution to combat plastic pollution. Rooted with local communities, her sustainable houseware brand is continuing to create worldwide buzz.

Antoinette Jackson moved to Thailand in 2011, where she quickly fell in love with its natural beauty and welcoming communities. When she saw that some of the country’s breathtaking beaches were facing a problem with plastic pollution, she became inspired to come up with a solution.

That’s where SuperBee came into being, a homegrown beeswax wrap brand that offers a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. Eco-friendly, reusable, and made from locally sourced, natural resources, the brand soon took off and made its way all over the world.

But how did SuperBee evolve from a small business operating in a quiet rural village in Thailand to an international brand?

Learn more about her story and tips from starting a business to defining a new category:
#1 What’s your advice for new entrepreneurs?

#2 What inspired you to create SuperBee?

#3 How did you go about launching SuperBee?

#4 Tips for entrepreneurs when creating a new brand and category

#5 How did SuperBee pivot its business in times of uncertainty?

#6 Role of logistics in increasing your product availability across the globe

Bringing your ideas to the world

Selling innovative products requires educating and informing people about the problems they – and the world – face, and how you can offer a solution. Getting your story out there, showing people how your products work, and answering their question on how to use them is an essential part of the process.

When you’re ready to start shipping your products, it’s also important to know what your HS code is for exporting them. Other questions you should consider include: how will the product fit into a carton, what kind of customs declaration do you need, what kind of box will you ship it in, and how you can package it and ensure the product is shipped safely and securely.

Businesses aiming to make an impact in sustainability also need data-driven insights to inform their ESG strategies. One tool they can use is FedEx® Sustainability Insights, which uses near-real-time FedEx network data to estimate CO2e emissions. Customers can also download reports to access information they need to gain better visibility of emissions within their supply chains and support reporting and strategic future planning.

For more stories on how SMEs across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region are taking their business global, head to our FedEx Business Insights page.
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