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How A Singaporean Jewelry Brand Found Global Audiences

By FedEx | First published: January 8, 2021    Updated: July 26, 2023

Jenny Kwang is the founder and creative director of e-commerce international jewelry brand J&Co Jewellery. Here’s how logistics enabled access of her designs to the world.

It started as a passion project personalizing jewelry designs for a small pool of friends and family, and eventually grew into an online store with global reach. Jenny Kwang, Founder and Creative Director of J&Co Jewellery, brings beautifully crafted jewelry from Singapore to customers in international markets, powered by an easy to use website and a strong international logistics network.

“It was really a hobby at first, as I found it difficult to find jewelry that was good quality and lasting, yet affordable – so I thought about making them on my own. I started selling my creations at a marketplace in the US and on Etsy, and surprisingly, many customers loved them and word spread far and wide,” shared Jenny.

Jenny’s story has been an inspiration to many around the world, and more and more people are discovering her unique, contemporary designs that are timeless yet minimal and suitable for everyday wear.

“We are really here to create an inclusive community, one where our customers don’t have to break the bank to access a well-crafted necklace or pair of earrings,” added Jenny. “Our inspiration comes from our conversations with women from all walks of life, and they come back and spread the word because they feel beautiful wearing the items we create.”
Female jewelry maker works at a desk

When the business soared in popularity, the team was excited to scale up and share more pieces with the world. This also meant finding the right delivery partner – a crucial step to ensuring that orders were met and each delivery experience was nothing short of excellent.

“Finding the right global logistics provider was very important to us, and we needed one that was reliable and could ship everywhere,” shared Jenny. “Customers from all over the world come to shop on our website – starting from the US, then Japan, Switzerland, Australia, the Netherlands and Singapore. Once they place the order, they expect delivery to be prompt and made with zero damage to the product – a universal customer need.”

Packages also need to arrive promptly and be handled safely, which is why Jenny was positive about our services at FedEx.

As an e-commerce business that embraced digitalization to better serve their young customers, Jenny found that the innovative digital tools offered by FedEx were very useful. In particular, FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) offered a simple and efficient solution to ensure smoother customs clearance processes to help J&Co process international deliverables electronically and with paperless invoices. FedEx Delivery Manager® International also allows customers to keep track of their packages, arrange to pick them up at a nearby location and get delivery notifications on Whatsapp, amongst other tracking services – all done digitally at one’s fingertips.
Female employee inserts jewelry product into FedEx packaging

“More importantly, these services and technologies give us peace of mind that the products will reach their rightful owners securely,” said Jenny.

Jenny is also open and ready to embrace other new technologies – from using more automation in production, to integrating it into order fulfilment and shipping. Since the pandemic, e-commerce has become a prime avenue for retailers while new tools will improve efficiency and better serve the needs of jewelry lovers worldwide.

Bringing her vision forward with her community of customers and the right partners, Jenny continues to forge ahead and fulfil her ongoing dreams of creating jewelry that everyone can love and enjoy.

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