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From Seoul to Sydney, check out our sustainability initiatives across Asia Pacific:


Making sure we operate and deliver in more sustainable ways is our top priority. Across Asia Pacific, we’re focused on vehicle electrification, greening our infrastructure, and modernizing our aircraft.

We’re committed to operating a fully-electric global parcel pickup and delivery fleet by 2040.

So far, we are operating EVs in five markets: China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand. We recently concluded an EV trial in Singapore and are now planning an EV rollout.

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Our infrastructure incorporates sustainability from the ground up: everything from LEED buildings to hubs and facilities designed to conserve energy and emissions.

All-electric delivery vehicles
hit Thailand

We launched our first zero-tailpipe emissions electric vehicles in Bangkok.

Building sustainably with
greener infrastructure

From South Korea to the Philippines, our facilities are designed to conserve energy and lessen environmental impact.

Electric tricycles on the streets of Taiwan

We’re expanding our e-fleet for zero-emissions delivery.

Products and Digital Solutions

To achieve our goal of zero paper airway bills, we’ve set up new digital solutions in markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

We’ve introduced robotics and automation in our sorting centers and hubs, including intelligent sorting robots in China and Singapore.

The rise of the sorting robots

In an e-commerce-led marketplace, intelligent AI-powered sorting robots are here to stay.

Ship smart and sustainably with FedEx® Sustainability Insights

Customers can use the estimated emissions data to make more sustainable shipping choices.

What makes FedEx packaging sustainable?

Our sustainable, reusable packaging options can help your business to go green.

People and Planet

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Across every market in Asia Pacific, we are running CSR projects and working with NGOs to restore and protect the environment.

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From marine conservation in Indonesia to upcycling FedEx uniforms in Thailand and the Philippines, we’re creating more sustainable environments for our employees and local communities.

Old uniforms, new caps:
upcycling in Thailand

From old to new: we’re transforming retired uniforms into smart new caps for our Thai couriers.

A blue tomorrow: marine conservation in Asia Pacific

Our oceans are the lifeblood of our planet, and we have a shared responsibility to protect them.

Giving back to local communities in Malaysia

Did you know you can build eco-brick walls from recycled plastic? Check our kindergarten project in Selangor.