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Meeting The Rising Demand For Biologics

By FedEx | January 9, 2024

Learn how Univ-Bio, one of China’s leading life science suppliers, saved costs and improved efficiency with FedEx’s help, amid the rising demand for biologics.

China’s burgeoning healthcare industry is poised for a new phase of rapid growth. With the continual progress of pharmaceutical research and development, projections indicate that the country’s health service sector will reach $2.4 trillion by 2030. It’s no surprise the demand for biological products, or biologics, is also on the rise.

How to meet the rising demand of biologics

Unlike traditional drugs, biologics are complex substances. Derived from biological sources such as humans and animals, biological products range from vaccines to blood components. Often used in cutting-edge treatments, they are highly sensitive to even the slightest change in physical conditions. To meet the increasing demand for such products, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies need to prioritize getting fast and reliable supply chain support from logistics service providers like FedEx.
The Shanghai headquarters of life science supplier Univ-Bio

How FedEx supports one of China’s leading life science suppliers

Established in 2004, Shanghai Universal Biotech (Univ-Bio) is a one-stop supplier of life science products in China. Working with FedEx for almost two decades, it has delivered over 8 million* antibody-centered products and services to life science researchers.
It has introduced more than 50 established brands to its catalog (including its own line of products), and established research centers and GMP-grade production centers across multiple cities in China.
The company's product range spans gene, protein, cell, tissue, and animal-level studies. These antibody-related biologics require time- and temperature-controlled shipping.
As a long-term logistics partner, FedEx provides a complete suite of cold chain solutions, including cold shipping, passive packaging, active containers, and more. These solutions cater to specific shipping demands in terms of temperature ranges and holding times for packages of varying dimensions.
To ensure the safe and timely delivery of critical biological research supplies, Univ-Bio employs two value-added FedEx services that facilitate real-time tracking of package locations and shipping statuses:

1. FedEx Priority Alert

FedEx Priority Alert provides advanced 24/7 monitoring, personalized notification, and customized package recovery for high-value shipments. In the event of unexpected condition changes, our customer support agents will promptly intervene and take necessary measures such as arranging priority boarding and delivery for the shipments.

2. FedEx Priority Alert Plus

FedEx Priority Alert Plus includes additional services such as replenishing dry ice, replacing gel packs, and access to cold storage for temperature-sensitive shipments.
The Shanghai logistics center of biologics distributor Univ-Bio

How Univ-Bio lowered costs and improved efficiency with FedEx’s new solution

With an expanded business scope, product line, and customer base, Univ-Bio now has more sophisticated, custom logistics needs. To support this, FedEx assembled a service group comprising team members from sales, customer service, ground operations, and gateway operations. This team collaborates to deliver tailor-made solutions based on Univ-Bio’s unique needs.
Efficiency-optimizing measures - such as preparing packing materials in advance based on item dimensions; attaching special color labels for priority handling during package pick-up; and timely storage of shipments in cold chain warehouses during transit - are seamlessly integrated into every FedEx shipment.
These measures directly streamline the cross-border shipping process, reduce communication costs for Univ-Bio, and enhance the safety of biological products.

Better healthcare shipping for a safer world

In an ever-changing world, health remains a top priority for all individuals. With our sector-specific expertise, we’re able to support healthcare companies with safe, reliable and fast shipping services, so that more people can benefit from improved pharmaceutical products.
*Data provided by Univ-Bio.

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