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The Journey Of A Biological Sample: Explained

By FedEx | March 16, 2023

When it comes to shipping biological samples for clinical trials, every second counts. Find out why speed and a carefully controlled transportation environment are essential to ensure a clinical trial’s success.

FedEx Clinical Care is our world-class healthcare service: an end-to-end shipping solution to meet the precise logistics needs of clinical trials. We’re experts at transporting precious biological samples at the speed and temperature required for a safe, compliant clinical trial process.

Whether you’re moving samples domestically or internationally, the successful outcome of clinical trials relies on logistics precision and a reliable, carefully controlled journey at every step.

When it comes to biological samples that needed to be stored and shipped in temperature-controlled conditions with a short-shelf life, any compromise to the quality of the samples can set a trial back by months - or even years. Each step of the way, we’re committed to the integrity of every sample we transport.

Our industry-leading cold-chain technology and years of healthcare shipping expertise mean we can manage samples of all temperature ranges, and handle the entire process, from packaging to paperwork. Real-time tracking and sensor technology allow us to monitor the location and temperature condition of your package throughout the journey. And we have a dedicated team monitoring your shipment 24-7, with predictive technology in place to map out contingencies should anything unexpected occur.

Check out the video below to understand how a typical biological sample journey plays out from origin to destination.
To find out how FedEx can support the shipment of your clinical trial product, reach out to us at or visit our Healthcare page for further details.
Please note that some of the above features of our FedEx Clinical Care service are subject to availability based on location. Terms and conditions and applicable laws and regulations apply.

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