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Jumpstarting The E-Commerce Dreams Of Filipino Entrepreneurs

By FedEx | March 5, 2021

When the pandemic struck, one company made it their mission to kickstart
e-commerce opportunities for small businesses in the Philippines – some of whom had never sold online before.

The Philippines is home to thousands of small businesses. Many still practice traditional crafts, making or sourcing homegrown, artisan products that reflect the best of the island nation’s culture and natural resources.

But when the pandemic struck and the country followed the rest of the world into lockdown, many of these small enterprises – from family businesses to mom-and-pop shops – were unprepared for the new reality they faced. Having never branched out into an online presence, pivoting to e-commerce wasn’t easy.

That’s where eCFULFILL stepped in, providing a platform for brick-and-mortar stores to make the leap to online retail to help these businesses tap new and remote markets. Check out how Filipino entrepreneurs are embracing e-commerce as a launchpad into new global markets.
Read more here on how eCFULFILL was born – an inspiring tale of entrepreneurial determination.

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