Female Entrepreneurs Are Going Global

By Kawal Preet | March 8, 2019

The last decade has seen Asia transform – with more women at the helm.

The face of business and entrepreneurship in Asia Pacific is unrecognizable compared to just one or two decades ago. The nature of trade has changed, and one of the biggest shifts is the global connections available to women in business.

Kawal Preet breaks down how we can continue to support female entrepreneurs and women in all roles. Recent developments are proof that innovation and entrepreneurship are not only possible, but that the way forward for women entrepreneurs is global. There’s certainly no going back.
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About the Author

Kawal Preet

Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, FedEx Express

Kawal started out as a FedEx engineer in Singapore over 20 years ago, and she’s now the President of FedEx Express AMEA. Kawal is based in Hong Kong.

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