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From Dubai to Delhi, check out our sustainability initiatives across the Middle East, India and Africa:


Making sure we operate and deliver in more sustainable ways is our top priority. Across the region, we’re focused on vehicle electrification, greening our infrastructure, and modernizing our aircraft.

We’re committed to operating a fully-electric global parcel pickup and delivery fleet by 2040.

We’re trialing and deploying EVs across the region, including India, South Africa and the UAE.

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We operate sustainable facilities in Dubai, Delhi and Johannesburg.

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We've received ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification for our facilities in eight countries, expanding to 14 countries over the next two years.

Driving into an electric future
in India

After EV trials in Bangalore, we’ve now deployed zero-emission electric vehicles in Delhi, one of India’s most polluted cities.

Building sustainably with
greener infrastructure

Our new South Africa hub in Johannesburg is designed to conserve energy and lessen environmental impact.

Deploying EVs in Dubai

We’ve added electric vehicles to our eco-friendly fleet in the United Arab Emirates.

Products and Digital Solutions

In the UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain, an electronic vehicle inspection report has replaced the paper version – expecting to save around 165,000 pages annually.

Our electronic trade documentation has helped remove thousands of pages of paper from the customs clearance process, and reduce customs delays at the same time.

WhatsApp notifications brings
digital e-commerce to
residential customers

Our digital-first approach to delivery tracking makes last-mile delivery even easier in India and the UAE.

What makes FedEx packaging sustainable?

Our sustainable, reusable packaging options can help your business to go green.

Ship smart and sustainably
with FedEx® Sustainability

Customers can use the estimated emissions data to make more sustainable shipping choices.

People and Planet

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Across every market in the Middle East, India and Africa, we run CSR projects and work with NGOs to restore and protect the environment.

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From tree planting in the UAE to beach clean-ups and mangrove restoration projects in India, we’re creating more sustainable environments for our employees and local communities.

Planting indigenous trees in
the UAE

Our tree planting campaign is helping to increase sustainable green spaces in the UAE.

A blue tomorrow: marine conservation in India and beyond

Our oceans are the lifeblood of our planet, and we have a shared responsibility to protect them.

Tyre recycling project for community play

We’re building safe and sustainable play spaces for inner-city kids in India.