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Photonics Explained – And The Indonesian Company Pioneering Growth

By FedEx | March 6, 2024

Enabling the future through light: Excelitas, an Indonesian photonics brand, shares how small businesses can power up logistics to grow opportunities cross-border.

Photonics, or the science and technology of light, is one of the most important resources making modern life possible. It’s a vital component of the technology behind fiber optic communications and laser surgery. It also powers the screen and camera on smart gadgets like mobile phones, computers, and TVs.

The rise in high-tech gadget production has created a steady demand for photonics, making it a lucrative and extremely competitive industry. Like any small business, to succeed, a photonics company needs to build a strong and reliable reputation.

A photonics leader sheds light on what it takes to succeed

Established in 1994 and headquartered in Batam, Indonesia, Excelitas Teknologi. operates a specialized facility to produce lighting and detection product technologies for customers worldwide, such as:

  • Specialty lamps for industrial and photonics applications
  • Intense pulsed light lamps and trigger coils
  • Infra-red detectors
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During the pandemic, Excelitas saw significant growth as the demand for illumination, sensing, and detection products increased. With a surge in orders, Excelitas made it their mission to maintain excellent customer service.

“As a leading technology company, customer satisfaction is our top priority. And one of the most important aspects is providing exactly what our customers need when they need it.

Across our years of doing business, we’ve seen the value in a reliable, trusted logistics provider that delivers our products in pristine condition and on-time to customers in the United States, Germany, China, Taiwan, England, and across Asia,” said Sofian Sofian, the unit head of PT Excelitas Teknologi Batam.

How FedEx supported the growth of Excelitas

Sofian explained that the FedEx team in Batam went above and beyond to support Excelitas, offering seminars to improve their understanding of FedEx services and how to best leverage them for seamless transactions.

This collaboration has been pivotal in helping Excelitas achieve its business objectives, thanks to a comprehensive portfolio of services and digital solutions to support overseas shipping needs.

In particular, the new FedEx warehouse in Batam supported Excelitas with faster delivery for outbound shipments from Indonesia to one of their key markets, Singapore.
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The upgraded FedEx facility in Batam is almost 80% larger than the previous one. Our location enables faster clearance of free-trade zone shipments, while boasting an auto-gate system, an automated import shipment declaration process, and an in-house customs office. These new features help accelerate the processing of inbound shipments and enhance transit times.

Sofian continued, “The new FedEx warehouse is located even closer to our manufacturing plant, allowing us to take full advantage of their extended pick-up times. FedEx also offers in-house customs processing, reducing transaction time so we can deliver our products faster. With this facility, we are able to ship our products to Singapore in just one day, instead of two.”

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