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Asia Exporters Are Tapping Opportunities In The US And Europe

By FedEx | August 6, 2021

An historic network expansion from Asia Pacific to Europe and trans-Pacific is helping the world move forward – and provides a critical boost for Asia Pacific businesses.

Things are looking up - literally – for our customers and exporters across Asia Pacific. We’ve added four new intercontinental flights from Asia Pacific to Europe and North America – one of the largest network expansions at FedEx in this region. 42 new flights in and out of APAC per week with capacity to carry almost 1,400 tons (1,390,000 kgs).

Benefits to importers and exporters are substantial.

Enhanced connectivity, expanded capacity and more flexibility means greater reach for APAC businesses across trans-Pacific, intra-Asia, and Europe.

The explosion of e-commerce post-pandemic looks set to continue. In 2020 alone, online retail sales in APAC generated approximately US$2.45 trillion, accounting for more than 60% of global e-commerce sales. Over half of online shoppers in APAC made cross-border purchases. Our improved intercontinental network reinforces our commitment to our APAC customers and supports their plans for business growth. So where and how frequently are the increased flights operating?
1. Enhanced connectivity and capacity between Southern China, North Asia and North America

2 trans-Pacific flights from the FedEx APAC Hub in Guangzhou, China via Anchorage, U.S. to Oakland, U.S., and via Anchorage to Indianapolis and Memphis, U.S. - returning via Anchorage and Incheon, South Korea to Guangzhou - five times a week!
2. Six extra connections to the U.S. from China via Japan every week

A 3rd trans-Pacific flight connects Beijing to the FedEx World Hub in Memphis, U.S. This flight operates via our FedEx North Pacific Regional Hub in Osaka, Japan and Anchorage before arriving in Memphis.
3. Additional connectivity and reliable capacity to Europe

2 flights per week from Guangzhou and 3 per week from Osaka to FedEx Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Hub in Paris, France, providing access to 45 European countries and territories reaching 450 million people.
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For more information about how our increased connectivity can help your business expand cross-border, visit our e-commerce page or contact us directly h‌ere.
Our New E-Commerce White Paper Is Here​Our New E-Commerce White Paper Is Here​

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