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Meet The Shark Tank SME Who Invented Slicegami

By FedEx | March 7, 2024

Spreading love all over the world through 3D art cards: discover how Lovepop, a company previously featured on Shark Tank, soared to new heights with a strategic shipping partner.

At first glance, Lovepop’s intricate 3D art cards may seem worlds away from naval architecture and marine engineering, the fields of study for founders Wombi Rose and John Wise at the Webb Institute in New York, USA.

However, a pivotal moment sparked a journey that would redefine their careers and launch the globally acclaimed brand, Lovepop. During a college trip to Vietnam, the pair first encountered decorative, 3-D cards.

Besides immediately stocking up on greeting cards as souvenirs, both Wombi and John fell in love with this art form, prompting them to explore further.

The unique blend of their knowledge in shipbuilding engineering and their love for the art of Kirigami paper cutting led to the creation of an exclusive paper-cutting technique which they called “Slicegami™”. This technique has become the hallmark of Lovepop.
Pop up greeting card featuring Santa on a hammock with palm trees

Driven by a passion for creating keepsakes through exquisite paper cutting, Wombi and John launched their greeting card business at trade fairs in 2014. Seeing first-hand how their cards sparked strong emotions and connected people, they aspired to create something extra-special, helping people express care and affection through meticulously-crafted 3D cards.

As Lovepop grew and even garnered attention on Shark Tank, the need for a reliable logistics partner became evident. Given the seasonal nature of their products, timely transit of orders is a crucial factor in meeting customers’ expectations. This meant securing a logistics partner capable of providing varied, flexible shipping options in both time and cost. They also needed to demonstrate the agility to respond promptly to sudden increases in order volumes.

Finding success in global logistics

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, a dependable global logistics network is pivotal for success. This network serves as the essential bridge connecting the business with its customers, directly influencing the overall customer experience.

Operating primarily through their website, and collaborating with businesses worldwide, the company prioritized the seamless delivery of their products. With growing success, the company expanded their customer base beyond Vietnam and the US to other markets in Europe and Asia.
Male with beard in red hoodie holds pop-up card

Choosing FedEx as a strategic partner was a turning point for Lovepop. As well as help addressing challenges like import and export customs procedures in global product delivery, the entire end-to-end delivery process was made much more streamlined.

One step was integrating FedEx's systems with Lovepop's, ensuring accurate and time-saving shipping processes. As a result, Lovepop was able to optimize delivery efficiency, improve cost management, and respond quickly to fluctuations in order volumes. Ultimately, this helped them strengthen their competitive edge in the e-commerce market.

Through their collaboration with FedEx, Lovepop witnessed improved delivery efficiency, expanded market reach, and reduced shipping costs.
2 male business owners in red t shorts stand in office

Crafting success together

Lovepop's story is a testament to the power of passion, creativity, and strategic partnerships. As Lovepop continues to connect people through their exquisite 3D cards, FedEx is on hand to ensure every heartfelt creation reaches its recipient right on time.
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