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Transporting COVID-19 Vaccines Around The World

By FedEx | January 14, 2021

Our global network stands ready to ship COVID-19 vaccines around the world. When it matters most, FedEx delivers.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued our work as an essential service provider to keep the world connected. With more than 670 aircraft, 180,000 vehicles, 5,000 facilities and nearly 600,000 team members, we’re transporting COVID-19 vaccines safely and swiftly to where they’re needed.

To maintain specific temperatures for the vaccines throughout transport, our dedicated team members and sophisticated technology track these critical shipments throughout their journey and help maintain temperature consistency. Our goal is to use our network and resources to quickly help the communities where our team members live and work around the globe.

When it matters most, FedEx delivers.
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