FedEx – Delivering Thanks to Our Employees

We’re delivering thanks to some of our amazing team members who have gone above and beyond to help their neighbors in times of need.
In the spirit of the festive season, we’re #DeliveringThanks to our employees who go above and beyond to help our communities. Read the inspirational stories:

People First Philosophy

Randel Stokes – Charlottesville, VA

In January 2018, a customer in Charlottesville, Virginia returned home to find her garage on fire. She went into the house to retrieve her fire extinguisher, only to realize she couldn’t reach it.  That’s when she heard the voice of courier Randel Stokes. He had been delivering a package next door when he saw smoke and flames at the house. Randel asked if he could help, and the customer told him she couldn’t reach the extinguisher.

Randel flew into action, running to his truck to grab his extinguisher, and proceeded to fight the fire. He didn’t stop there.

Randel raked the piles of melted plastic and machinery into the driveway. When firefighters arrived, they said if Randel hadn’t reacted the way he did, then the fire would likely have spread to the house. Randel showed himself to be a true Humanitarian, and we are Delivering Thanks to him for coming to the aid of those in danger.


Lifesaving Actions

Catalin Manolache – Rome, Italy

While FedEx Express Italy courier Catalin Manolache was on his route, a car ahead of him skidded on the wet road and collided with a wall. Upon seeing this, he immediately stopped his van and went to help the victim out of his car and assist him.

Catalin called for an ambulance and remained at the accident site until help had arrived, and by doing so provided comfort and reassurance to the victim. For his heroic actions, Catalin received a FedEx Humanitarian Award, and we are Delivering Thanks to him this holiday season.


Brett Herrick – Hallam, Australia

Brett Herrick is a true hero. A driver for TNT Australia, Brett was returning to his vehicle after a delivery when he noticed an unconscious woman in desperate need of medical assistance. Rushing to her aid, Brett saw that she was not breathing and immediately began administering CPR while shouting for a bystander to call emergency services.

“Wanting to help someone in need comes naturally,” reflected Brett. “It’s the right thing to do; I hope that if I was in a situation where I needed help, someone would be there for me.”

Brett, who has been a member of our team since April 2017, acted heroically in this dire situation. We are Delivering Thanks to him for encompassing the caring attitude that is at the heart of the combined TNT and FedEx Express culture.


Jim Crocker – Harrison, AR

Jim Crocker, a Liability Claims Manager and trained firefighter, was on a flight when a passenger suddenly slumped into a non-responsive position.

Jim, along with other passengers, immediately stepped in to help.

They assessed the victim’s condition, started CPR and were able to stabilize the passenger before landing and meeting first responders at the gate upon arrival. We’re Delivering Thanks to Jim for his quick thinking and willingness to help in a fellow passenger’s time of need.


Nicole Davis – Bellows Falls, VT

One evening, our FedEx Freight city driver Nicole Davis was heading back to the service center on snowy roads when she noticed a car in a ditch. She immediately pulled over her vehicle and called 911.

Nicole saw that part of the vehicle was near a tree about 10 feet away and made her way through the snow to find a girl with injuries. Nicole assured the victim that help was on the way and stayed with her until first responders arrived.

We’re Delivering Thanks to our team member Nicole for her heroic deed.


Going the Extra Mile

Will Hargrove – Reno, NV

Willie Hargrove, a Service Center Manager for FedEx Freight, received a call from a customer who was in tears. Her husband’s medicine, on which his life depended, was not due to be delivered until after his current medicine had run out.

There were no scheduled deliveries in the customer’s area, so Willie immediately stepped in to help.

He drove 208 miles roundtrip to deliver the medicine to the very grateful customer. For this selfless action and his passionate dedication to serving customers, we’re Delivering Thanks to Willie this holiday season.


Hai-Long Ren – Beijing, China

While returning to the station after completing his morning deliveries, Hai-Long noticed a woman sitting on the ground, accompanied by two other people.

As he approached to help, they informed Hai-Long that the young woman had just awakened from an epileptic episode and was unable to walk. Hai-Long immediately offered his assistance, carrying the woman back to her office, a distance which took 40 minutes.

The woman recovered after taking her medication in the office, and we are Delivering Thanks to Hai-Long for taking the initiative to assist.