Article How Infrastructure is Transforming and Empowering SMEs

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Article How small businesses in Asia are harnessing technology to drive exports worldwide Against a background of healthy growth for Asian SMEs, an important milestone has been reached in the evolution of global trade patterns.


Article Making Flawless Beauty Accessible All Over the World A FedEx blogpost about how Dr. Castellanos De Muñoz – the only licensed audiologist in Guatemala, grew her business, empowering women, and helping people in her community who could not afford hearing aids.
Article Bringing High Style To High-Performance Fabrics Hyperbola brings high-tech fabrics to life — fast. In the process, the pioneer has quickly risen to become a top player in Taiwan’s competitive textile marketplace.

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Article Dangerous Goods Are Everywhere Some tips to consider before handling and shipping dangerous goods.


Article South Korean Small and Medium-Enterprises Can Look to Asia for Growth Opportunities in 2018 Asia is expected to continue leading global economic growth at 5.4% in 2018 , as intra-regional trade opens up opportunities for businesses in countries like South Korea.

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Article Connection: The Key To Unlocking The Global Economy Frederick W. Smith, chairman and CEO, FedEx Corp., discusses the opportunities that result from connecting with each other and through technology.

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Article Sound Quality Demands Perfect Fit At one point or another, anyone with earbuds has thought about finding that elusive pair that won’t fall out so easily. Enter Snugs. Using 3-D scanning technology, the company makes customized earphones that are the perfect fit for your ear.

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Video Sword & Plough Repurposed for a Purpose and Gives Back to the Veteran Community This SME transforms military surplus into beautiful, sustainably-made accessories. Watch to learn how this business is growing and reaching customers worldwide while making a social impact.
Video Top Advice on Taking Your Business Global from Other Small Businesses Some SME owners, who have successfully expanded their small businesses beyond their markets, share their tips of having their businesses flourish.