Article Usman Haque: Connecting People Through Architecture Even though he uses what he calls “urban technologies,” much of this architect’s work centers on a simple philosophy — getting people involved in designing their cities.

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Article Innovation in Logistics Connects Businesses to People and Possibilities Rapid advances in technology are changing the way we manage logistics, and these improvements create new possibilities that have great potential for businesses and consumers.

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Article Connection: The Key To Unlocking The Global Economy Frederick W. Smith, chairman and CEO, FedEx Corp., discusses the opportunities that result from connecting with each other and through technology.

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Article 4 Ways Any Business Can Harness The Spirit Of a Start-Up Brie Carere, SVP Global Portfolio Marketing, FedEx Services shares her thoughts on working like an innovative entrepreneur.

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Article A Day in the Life of a Connected City Technology is rewiring our global infrastructure, often in ways invisible to the naked eye. Two early adopters building connected cities show us what this means for our routines right now — and how it will shape our collective future.
Article High-Tech Transit The senior vice president of GE and president and CEO of GE Transportation discusses how automation, machine sensors and human judgment connect to move things faster and more efficiently than ever — and shares advice on how future leaders can gain the momentum they need to take part.
MIT-SenseableCity MIT-SenseableCity Article Making Sense of MIT’S ‘Senseable City’ As the intersection between urban planning and technology grows, how do mobility, cities, and IoT influence each other? Read more from Carlo Ratti, director of MIT’s Senseable City Lab.
air-traffic-control-reform air-traffic-control-reform Article Why the U.S. Needs Air Traffic Control Reform Today’s air traffic control needs reform due to inefficiencies. Learn more about why a modern air traffic control system is necessary for everyone’s safety.
Following innovative technology Article Beyond Wristbands: How New Fitness Tech is Connecting Us Like Never Before With every passing week, personal fitness technology seems to connect us to information in a new way. We’ve tracked down the latest and greatest to see how they’re changing the way we live.


Changing trends will change ecommerce Article Trend watch: 4 ways technology will change e-commerce In 2016, the e-commerce sphere was stormed by various disruptive technologies. From virtual reality to social buying, which ones have impacted your business the most?