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Digital marketing on a budget: Creating effective — and affordable — campaigns

Looking for an effective way to attract new customers that’s also affordable? Digital marketing could be a great addition to your small business marketing, according to Ari Hoffman, the owner and founder ofGOBIEH20, an online retailer of environmentally friendly water bottles.

For Ari, digital marketing has been an integral part of his business’s success, and he has some words of advice on how to create a powerful digital marketing plan — without breaking the bank.

Start small — learn as you go

“Be extremely frugal with your money at the beginning,” Ari says. “The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of money on a website that performs perfectly, only to realize later that changes need to be made and you have no money to do so. Always give yourself a 15% buffer on everything. If you think a website is going to cost $4,000, save an extra $600 for modifications. This strategy goes across the board and includes time as well.”

Focus on your ROI

For Ari and GOBIEH20, ensuring their digital marketing strategy produced a strong return on investment (ROI) helped them build a good foundation for future efforts.

“Stay within your limits and realize that ‘sales are #1.’ At first, you should not be paying for anything that can’t be directly related to sales.”

To ensure that returns were measurable, Ari adopted a proven tactic: tracking codes.

“If you are going to take out an ad, make sure you have a coupon code or some form of analytics that can show you exactly how many people see the ad and actually convert into real-time sales,” Ari said. “This strategy at the beginning is crucial.”

Rely on analytics 

One of the biggest advantages of marketing online is that it’s relatively easy to use a multitude of turnkey analytical solutions.

Analytics offers your business a window into how effectively your website and marketing campaign are working.

For example, with analytics you can not only measure how many people visit your website, but you can also track what they do when they get there, how long they stay, where they came from and more. Armed with this information, you can enhance and refine your small business marketing to ensure it delivers what potential customers want.

For Ari, Google’s analytical solution and advertising platform were the ideal choice.

“Use Google Analytics like it’s a part of your life,” Ari said. “Don’t spend too much money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Use Google AdWords to create links back to your site, and SEO will follow.”

Be social
Another powerful digital marketing tool that can cost little (or even no) money is social.

“Social media plays as large a role in our growth as any other facet of our company,” Ari said. “Social media is a great way to share the vision of your company. Also, it can help express the personality and character behind it is as well.”

Social is not only great for digital marketing, it also enables your company to conduct real-time customer research that can really help you target your efforts.

“Social media marketing gives you the means to connect with your demographic and grow that demographic exponentially. It also serves as a tool to learn from your customers and have real time, live feedback. There is nothing more important than listening to what your customer has to say.”

About GOBIE H20
The GOBIEH2O water bottle is the world’s first fully portable, reusable, zero-waste, filtered water bottle. Learn more about this great company’s digital marketing plan, and their mission to help the world go green, on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.