Beyond Keywords: Marketing in the Digital Age

We understand that SEM and SEO can be daunting. Here are two resources that may help your e-commence business to climb to the top of Google’s search results

Every day, there are nearly 6 billion searches on Google alone.1 Some are looking for exactly what you’re selling. Keeping in mind that 90 percent of Google’s web traffic comes from the first page of search results, how do you make sure you connect with consumers?2 How can you land ahead of your competitors and win the sale?

Don’t worry if this task seems daunting and complicated. Here are two great resources to help you with your digital marketing strategy.

Be seen in search with HigherVisibility

Before you start developing a strategy, it’s important to assess how your site is performing right now.

FedEx has aligned with HigherVisibility, an award-winning SEO firm, to connect you with its high-powered analytics. In approximately 30 seconds, you can get accurate, relevant data about your website — from its strengths to the areas where you can make improvements.


To receive your free report, go to Enter your website URL, and use the promotional code “FEDEXSBC.” HigherVisibility will even schedule a free consultation with you and your FedEx sales rep to discuss how to drive more traffic to your website. FedEx account holders receive a 15% discount on all HigherVisibility services.

Build a website that keeps customers coming back with Crazy Egg

In addition to finding out how users are reaching your website, it’s important to see how users are interacting with your site once they get there.

Crazy Egg, a leader in visual analytics, is offering a 90-day free trial for FedEx customers. Their data can show you exactly how customers are using your site — so you’ll know just how well your blog is performing. Plus, you’ll know where to focus your optimization, how to position important elements on your page, and which areas on your page get the most clicks.

Crazy Egg has four view options including:

To start your free trial, go to, enter your company’s website URL, and choose the plan that fits best with your company.

See examples and learn more

Online shoppers are already looking for what you’re selling. These tools can help you reach them.

1Sullivan, Danny, “Google now handles at least 2 Trillion searches per year,” May 24, 2016. Search Engine Land.

2Sharp, Eric, “The First Page of Google, by the Numbers,” April 30, 2014. ProtoFuse.