Solutions for the Unique Needs of Healthcare Industry in Asia Pacific

Temperature sensitive products need additional care and specialized packaging, and customized services.

Demand for healthcare solutions in Asia Pacific continues to grow rapidly, given aging populations, the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, increased urbanization, and the spread of universal healthcare. Currently, the healthcare market is worth US$500 billion and the Asia Pacific region accounts for around 30% of global healthcare revenue.

The demand for healthcare logistics is rising at an equally rapid rate, particularly cold chain logistics with its need for highly sophisticated clinical trial logistics and temperature-controlled transportation. In Asia Pacific, pharma cold chain logistics will grow 7% annually on average until 2021, while clinical trial logistics will grow 2% annually on average until 2021.

FedEx® Healthcare Priority (FHP) covers a full spectrum of solutions that prioritizes the unique needs of healthcare industry in Asia Pacific. These solutions feature specialized packaging, temperature-controlled shipping, monitoring and customized services.

  • FedEx® Customized Freight provides speed to temperature-controlled delivery using exclusive vehicles;
  • FedEx® Cold Shipping Package offers up to 48 or 96 hours temperature control packaging, depending on external temperature;
  • FedEx® Deep Frozen Shipping Solution employs dry vapor technology to enable up to 10 days of holding time at -150°C;
  • FedEx® Thermal Blanket Solution supports perishable shipment by stabilizing the cargo’s temperature;
  • SenseAware enables advanced monitoring and visibility of the package;
  • FedEx Priority Alert supports customers globally around the clock by offering advanced shipment monitoring, personalized notifications and customized package recovery if necessary.

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