Raise Your Pharma IQ

The pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges, including rising costs and fluctuating regulations, but this is how efficient logistics and a well-managed supply chain can help tackle these problems.
Learn how the healthcare industry is using logistics to overcome challenges

Working in the pharmaceutical industry means you experience unique rewards. You’re proud of your work and the role it’s playing in improving the lives of others.

You’re also faced with difficult challenges: Growing cost pressures affect your bottom line. Regulatory requirements continue to change, sometimes with little warning. While globalization generates more opportunities, it also brings more competition. In these circumstances, a well-managed supply chain is critical to your success. Let logistics work for you, not against you.

Logistically speaking

Logistics are essential to your business but not always your highest priority. To stay on top of your supply chain you need a quick, handy source of information that fits into your schedule.

Pharma IQ is an international community in which pharmaceutical professionals can gain new knowledge, access up-to-date educational resources, and exchange solutions and ideas.

FedEx has teamed up with Pharma IQ to bring you a webinar about not only meeting the logistical challenges of the industry but coming out on top. FedEx leaders share their insights in “Gain a Competitive Advantage: Answers to Your Top 3 Supply Chain Challenges.”

Cutting costs

Are you spending money needlessly? You can slim down your expenses, eliminate waste and maximize efficiency through improved logistics operation. Experts will guide you through helpful money-saving strategies.

You’ll learn how to remove unnecessary steps in your process, increase information flow, and use options like central distribution centers and consolidating shipments.

Meeting regulations

Pharmaceutical shipping has specialized demands. Whether your medications are temperature-sensitive or time-sensitive — or both — you want to know exactly where your products are and their condition. To comply with safety regulations, you’ll need to prove the condition of your products.

Clearing these hurdles is easier with the right infrastructure in place. Our speakers will tell you the best ways to invest in compliance while avoiding compromised shipments, delays, security breaches and replacement costs.

Standing out from the crowd

Your supply chain does more than deliver inventory from one place to another. Your customers benefit from more effective compliance, fewer errors and greater transparency in their own businesses. If you can provide better service than your competition, then you gain a huge foothold in the market — and that includes the global market.

How do you take advantage of these global opportunities? Learn how to build the reach you’ll need to become an international player. As your goods travel the globe, discover the recent technological advances that give your customers the visibility they want.

Helping take you there

The webinar outlines how you can advance your business through the power of logistics. One key step: Choosing a logistics company with worldwide strategic alliances, global knowledge and healthcare experience.

By using the network, expertise and services of a larger company, you can move faster than your rivals and better satisfy your customers. Get insight on how to best reach your goals. Offer flexible shipping options — and offer peace of mind with technology that ensures visibility and reliability.

Supply chain solutions

Improve your pharmaceutical shipping IQ with Pharma IQ’s new webinar, “Gain a Competitive Advantage: Answers to Your Top 3 Supply Chain Challenges.” Meet healthcare challenges head-on. For more industry-specific solutions, go to FedEx HealthCare Solutions — Pharmaceutical and Biotech.

Source: FedEx Small Business Center, https://smallbusiness.fedex.com/pharamaceutical-tips.html