How Guatemala’s Only Audiologist Broke Through the Noise to Find Success

A FedEx blogpost about how Dr. Castellanos De Muñoz – the only licensed audiologist in Guatemala, grew her business, empowering women, and helping people in her community who could not afford hearing aids.

Nearly 17 million people live in Guatemala, making it Central America’s most populated country. It is home to volcanoes, rainforests, ancient Mayan ruins, but only one licensed audiologist—Dr. Patricia Castellanos De Muñoz.

Dr. Castellanos De Muñoz operates the CEDAF hearing center in Guatemala City along with Sonrisas Que Escuchan (Smiles that Listen) Fundación, which provides hearing services for low-income households. Yaneek Page, business trainer and career coach shared “Patricia has overcome many obstacles in 27 years of practice in a male-dominated culture, where women are expected to be spouses and mothers first instead of focusing on their careers.”

Dr. Castellanos De Muñoz joined the Vital Voices VV Grow Fellowship because she wanted to grow her business, empower women, and to help people in her community who could not afford hearing aids. “Vital Voices works with women leaders at the forefront of change and global progress, empowering them to make their bold and innovating visions a reality,” added Page.  Through Vital Voices networking opportunities, Dr. Castellanos De Muñoz was able to help women experiencing the same life challenges–balancing a business while being a wife and mother. “It gave me a sense of belonging, knowing there were other women like me all over the world.  And to me that was awesome.”

Hear Dr. Castellanos De Muñoz tell her story, and why she encourages women entrepreneurs to chase their dreams.