Distributing Toys in a Connected World

Your products may create a sudden new hype, just like fidget spinners! Ensure you can keep up with any spike in demand with these tips.

The Internet and social media have not only created a more globally connected world, but also created an unprecedented demand for toys. Take for example, the fidget spinner. Fidget spinners originated as a toy to help children control their nervous energy, earning significant popularity amongst children. Through social media, adults around the world caught on, and fidget spinners reached viral status. Social media created one of the fastest growing toy trends[1] and generated a tremendous market for the product globally, with more than five million YouTube videos showing fidget spinners and over 110,000 searches on Google in the space of a month.

With rapid access to information, toy manufacturers need to offer a unique customer experience. Consumers want purchased items delivered in a much shorter period of time. To fulfill these expectations, manufacturers must take into account the timely distribution of products. Furthermore, consumers are not concerned about geographical boundaries. If the “new” fidget spinner is released, they want to receive it wherever they are in the world.

Overcoming these challenges and meeting customers’ needs require robust logistics chains and a reliable and efficient logistics provider. Take, for example, shipping battery operated toys such as remote-controlled cars. This is not as easy as it may seem, and requires complying with international regulations. Partnering with a reliable shipping company can help to make this process easier. To assist our customers, we provide essential information and guidelines on packaging and required documentation to make sure there are no issues with delivery.

Here are our some of our tips for operating a global toy business:

  1. Whether you are a manufacturer who needs to import materials to produce toys, or are looking to distribute products by wholesale, the distribution and import of goods is key to keeping up with global demand for toys. This requires a strong understanding of a country’s customs policies. Free online solutions are available to help with understanding customs requirements and proper documentation for international shopping. In other instances, streamlined offerings will allow you to submit customs documentation electronically so they can be easily processed.


  1. Have an effective system for accepting orders, fulfilling orders and organizing delivery or returns. Third-party providers can support with necessary logistics management so that clients can focus on their key business, be that manufacturing or sourcing the latest toys. For example, FedEx can integrate with most marketplaces to begin fulfilling orders. Whether it’s a single item shipment or bulk shipping, a logistics provider should provide peace of mind to transport the latest toys anywhere in the world.


  1. Delivery time is an important factor when distributing across the world. Toy distributors need a reliable logistics provider that can guarantee shipping times and provide real-time monitoring of shipments so that businesses can keep in touch with customers and inform them of any potential delays. A shipping provider should allow customized delivery options by location and time, ensuring samples will be received by potential buyers, when and where they would like.

While you might not be selling toys directly to consumers, having a strong logistics chain will still apply. Viral toy trends that create a strong demand from consumers has led a more fast-paced toy industry. To keep up with these trends, manufacturers need to be able to send product samples to potential buyers as soon as possible.

With technology and social media fuelling new trends, the toy industry will continue to evolve in the years ahead. These trends present a great opportunity for all to expand their reach across the world. While we can’t predict the next “toy of the year”, we can help businesses provide their customers with reliable and efficient logistics and delivery in Australia and across the world.

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